EU40 is the network of Members of the European Parliament addressing those under forty years. The network is being extended to include also interesting key-people in the European Commission and the Council.

Especially designed to address those in relevant positions sharing the same generation EU40 sees itself as the future network within the European Unions Institutions.

The Network

EU40 seeks to gather those who are young, share a generation and are ambitious about politics. We address those who are already playing a leading role in politics and who are most likely to do so in the future. We believe in an approach towards European politics that is not merely based on party politics or national issues.

We believe we do not only have the great opportunity to shape the future of Europe but furthermore that we have the responsibility to do this in a sustainable way giving future generations the possibilities and tools to determine their own future. It is not purely our generation we are doing politics for but it is our generation doing politics today and tomorrow. We want Europe to be at its best. Therefore we seek to connect the best.

EU40 brings together those who will change the face of Europe – either in the European Parliament, the European Commission or the Council.

The way

Approximately 10% of the Members of the European Parliament are forty years of age or younger. We have a different way to communicate, to interact and to connect. Brussels and Strasbourg reality cannot comply with the pace and level of interaction our generation is aiming to reach. Our way of communication is not reflected in the usual scheme of the Brussels and Strasbourg political environment.

The general approach of dinner debates, keynote speeches and receptions is primarily designed to transport issues rather to connect and interact. We believe that people must get to know each other, socialise and build up trust to achieve the best in politics without stopping at the borders party differences draw.

That is why EU40 seeks to bring together the relevant players of today and tomorrow in a relaxed atmosphere, outside of the typical Brussels bubble, giving them the opportunity to exchange, discuss and connect. The first two events organised by EU40 have shown the acceptance and the need of this kind of approach.
We aim to continue to connect one generation serving the interest of all generations.

The long term aim is to build up the trust among one generation to enable it to work together when shaping Europe’s face of tomorrow.

The Board members

EU40 is represented on a cross-party level within the European Parliament by:

Brando Benifei, S&D
Philippe de Backer, ALDE
Christofer Fjellner, EPP
Emma McClarkin, ECR
Victor Negrescu, S&D
Eva Paunova, EPP
Marietje Schaake, ALDE

Code of Conduct

Download the Code of Conduct in PDF