European Health Parliament 2016 2nd plenary session (short highlights)

The 2nd plenary session of the European Health Parliament 2016 titled “Healthcare in Europe: the challenge of sustainability and innovation” took place on the 17th of February, between 9.30h – 13.00h in room P7C050 followed by the afternoon session from 14.00h – 17.30h in room ASP 06 D128, at the European Parliament. MEP Giovanni La Via and MEP Philippe de Backer co-hosted the session. As well, MEP Eva Kaili and MEP Karin Kadenbach were present on the panel.

The project was initiated by Johnson&Johnson and supported by Google, POLITICO, the College of Europe and EU40.

The young Health Parliamentarians divided in 5 subgroups have each had a short presentation showcasing the current status of their work. They have received input from the other groups. The aim was to have in this phase of the initiative a first draft of a high-level paper that the participants are co-authoring. The participants were divided in break-out sessions to brainstorm and include in their works what they learned during the day.