Digital Skills for Europe

EU40 partnered with Google to bring SMEs from across Europe to Brussels to discuss the challenges they still face in doing business online, and what digital skills are needed for European businesses to thrive.

The breakfast roundtable debate took place on the 24th of February, from 8.00 – 9.00 am, room A5G-1, co-hosted by the following MEPs: Pablo Zalba Bidegain, Brando Benifei and Antanas Guoga. During the debate, entrepreneurs from all over Europe shared their experience with policy makers.

Ahead of the workshop, flagship startups which benefit from digital tools to increase their business have met with Members of the European Parliament from their local constituencies in order to exchange best practices, as well as challenges they face in their day to day activities.

The breakfast roundtable emphasised how important digital skills are in creating new jobs in Europe. According to the European Commission, the lack of digital skills has a severe impact on the predicted decline of 900 000 jobs to be created by 2020. Many companies have started to provide digital skills trainings to their employees and promote the use of their digital tools, acknowledging the importance of tackling this issue.

Filming: Thomas Vercauteren

Editor: Jens Callewaert