Highlights of the "Economic and social pillars of sustainable livestock production"

EU40 has organised the second debate of the series “Sustainable EU Livestock: Actions Towards an Innovative, Climate-Smart and Competitive Future“. The event entitled “Economic and social pillars of sustainable livestock production” took place on the 28th of September 2016, from 12:00 to 14:00h, room PHS P5B001 at the European Parliament. Agenda is available HERE.

The second debate, part of a trilogy, was co-hosted by MEP Franc Bogovic (EPP), MEP Michela Giuffrida (S&D) and MEP Daniel Dalton (ECR) aimed at targeting the following topics:

Improve and sustain animal health and welfare;

Maintain high living standards for farmers and the livestock supply chain while keeping animal protein products affordable for consumers;

Stimulate the attractiveness of livestock farming –especially among younger generations– and help guarantee good working conditions, positive financial prospects, and access to resources, training, and education;

Enhance the competitiveness of the EU livestock sector on the world market

More information: http://www.eu40.eu/economic-and-social-pillars-of-sustainable-livestock-production/