In light of the European Parliamentary elections on May 20-25, it was becoming increasingly important to promote online voter participation and turnout among Europe’s youth. Based on this idea, and supported by all major European political parties, non-governmental organizations and volunteers have come together to assist in the production of Happy Voting, Europe’s first non-institutional and large-scale voter-turnout campaign, representing Europe’s diverse populations. It happened here:

and with: #EvensFoundation #VoteInMay #EP2014 #HappyVoting #YoungVoters

In the past European elections, a general lack of information on the elections and the issues at stake meant that around 70% of the European Union’s youth did not make use of their right to vote. As a consequence, the focus on young people’s needs and interests was alarmingly low.

The video was shared through a variety of channels, including social media sites, blogs, websites and media outlets. The campaign did not use advertisement tools and instead relied on volunteers to share the Happy Voting video.

We invited our readers to share this video as widely as possible to raise voting awareness through a non-partisan, interactive, positive and fun way. The goal was to get online discussions started about what future do the citizens want for the EU and how they could influence the decision-making process that affects their daily life.

 At the end of the day, we are the voice of those we represent!
#HappyVoting to you!