IMG_3049EU40 welcomed its new MEPs on a two-day training dedicated to their needs. The training was geared towards those keen to get into the swing of things in the EP from the get-go and are eager to learn through interactive sessions. It offered the opportunity to commence a network with their fellow, young MEPs, both new and re-elected, as well as with top ranking politicians.

EU40 together with the League of Young Voters of the European Youth Forum are therefore offered a training session on June 12th and 13th  inside the European Parliament, in which experienced EP and EU insiders did their best, in order to give new MEPs their specialised knowledge on how to get a rapid grip of the complexity of the obstacles ahead of them.

After the elections, our main concern was to guarantee a successful start into the 8th legislature of the European Parliament, in order to increase MEPs chances for re-election and thereby continuously strengthen our network of over 100 young MEPs in the EP from all the major political parties.

We were very enthusiastic about the idea of meeting the new MEPs on June 12th and 13th and we are looking forward to having a successful 8th legislature.

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Please find below the pictures taken during the event: